29 March 2010

Breakfast today!

Now that I have turned in the thesis, I'm going to TRY to blog what I eat every day! I really am.

I have class at 11 on Monday-Wednesday, so I have more of a leisurely morning. What really ends up happening is I stay up late (last night studying/watching 30 rock) and I end up rushing anyway.

Yesterday at the grocery store, I finally remembered to buy bagel thins!

I also bought a lot more fun stuff, which you will be seeing throughout the week.

Lately, I've been really craving eggs. I know protein keeps me fuller int he mornings, so I try to eat it instead of oats for the most part.

This morning, I made a breakfast sandwich with the bagel thins.

Everything bagel thin, two egg whites, morningstar farm veggie bacon, jarlsburg light swiss cheese.

So delicious. Also super filling and low points!

I also had an iced sugar free chai with soy milk.

I forgot to take a picture of it. It was my snack in between my two classes. I have an awkward hour long break where I usually end up talking to my friends. Today I played with a puppy at the boyfriend's place of employment.

I'm in class right now actually. We are talking about race in cultural anthro. I have worked on an exhibit about race for three months. There really isn't anything I didn't now already.

I'm eating lunch after class. Haven't decided what to eat yet.

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