29 March 2010


I'm currently at a film screening of the Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker. I'm co-president of a student group on campus. My other co-president is training to take over when I graduate in May. AHHHH.

I was still hungry after lunch. I think it is because it is my first day back 100% OP in a while.

I had a very filling dinner though and feel much better.

Boca burger with swiss and avocado on a bagel thin. Kale sauteed with tsp of evoo and a clove of garlic.

I love kale. Yum. I could eat it all the time. I also love garlic. I eat a lot of it. Delicious.

The avocado was a new purchase from the grocery store. I've never tried avocado before. I smashed it up with some salt and pepper and spread it on the burger.

It was delicious. I liked the flavor. I still have a few more avocados to use (they were four for five dollars so DBF bought four).

I knew I would need a snack for the screening. The co-president brought candy, so I wanted something to resist it.

Tada! Green smoothie.

I made mine with WW chocolate smoothie mix, 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 1 cup of spinach, and a frozen banana.

Delicious. You don't taste the spinach at all. The first time I made this, I didn't blend it enough so it still had chunks of spinach.

I brought a banana with me too.

Back to the screening and homework!

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