07 May 2010


Hi All!!

I'm going to get a puppy tomorrow with my parents!!! I'm so so so excited. It should be fun.

I turned in my last paper for undergrad yesterday! It is weird. I might never write a medieval history paper ever again (I don't want to say never of course).

I'm watching NCIS and Criminal Minds now.

Sorry I've been a crummy blogger. It has been a crazy few weeks.

And since yesterday I've been celebrating by playing with these.

And movie marathons.

Midnight releases of Iron Man 2 followed the movie marathon. Twas a lot of fun.

My lunch from today.

The next time I update, I'm sure puppy pictures will be included!


  1. Yay for puppies!!

    What kind? Kyle and I have puppy fever!

  2. A scottie Megan! Which I know you saw on facebook already, but yay!