08 May 2010

Welcome to the Family

I took the train home this morning.

We headed up to get the new puppy!

She is from Angus's breeder. Her dad is his biological brother (but not from the same litter).

She is adorable.

Ainsley McKenna!

Mom, Angus, Me, and Ainsley!

Petsmart getting puppy supplies (and of course a toy for Angus).

Mom and Ainsley.

To follow more about the adventures of Angus (and now Ainsley!), you can follow Angus on twitter here. Yes, my dog has a twitter. And yes, I did steal most of these pictures from the twitter account.

All the while as I am with the puppy, my roommate (who is cat sitting) was sending me adorable pictures of my babies.

And this


  1. How does Angus like Ainsley? Getting a long I hope!

  2. He is pretty much ignoring her so far. She is pretty curious about him, but he doesn't really seem to care one way or another! Which is better than him hating her.