28 December 2009

Wii games

For Christmas, I received three new Wii games to help with my WL journey, the Biggest Loser, EA Active, and the Wii fit plus.

Now, I know none of these are the greatest work out ever. However, they are fun and will be good on days that I simply can't get to the gym.

I'll review one on each day.

First up, Wii Fit Plus.

This one is deft. the less strenuous workout of the three I received. My grandpa gave me this one.

Added features are new games and the ability to combine workouts. I like being able to combine workouts. The Wii Fit Plus comes with activites already combined to focus on certain areas. You can also combine strength training and yoga moves. This is nice so you don't have to pause as much between moves!!

The new games are pretty fun. I like the snowball game a lot.

This is also the best of the three to do together. The other two are better workouts, but they aren't really "fun." This you can do with friends.

I like it as a game, but as a workout it has some flaws.

I'm still with my two favorite cats.

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