14 June 2010

Funday Sunday

Sorry for the last posting! The boyfriend came into town late Saturday, so I was hanging with him yesterday.

I started out the day with an egg wrap I was craving.

This was about 1 egg and 1 egg white with a slice of swiss cheese on a Flat Out wrap. I made an extra egg and egg white for the doggies who were begging from me. They love eggs, so I just couldn't resist. I added some paprika and ketchup to my wrap after the picture

One the side I had roasted asparagus.

Roasted with a tsp of EVOO. It was delicious. I love roasted asparagus.

The boyfriend and I spent the day watching How I Met Your Mother Season 3. It was fun.

For dinner, we went out to eat with my grandpa, dad, and my cousin. I can already see a problem with eating while I'm home over the summer. My family eats out A LOT. That combined with eating out with my friends. Yikes. I tried to make good decisions at the Chinese buffet.

With another plate of green beans.

After dinner, my cousin, the boyfriend, and I went to see Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. My cousin saw it right when it came out and really liked it. Now, my cousin goes to the movies with me all the time when I'm home, but probably the last movie she REALLY liked was The Dark Knight. Most movies she either says she doesn't like. Or she says it is okay. So, I had to check this out. She was even willing to see it AGAIN AND go with me and the boyfriend. It was decent. Entertaining. Reminded me a lot of The Mummy. She is 14, so I think she might have one of her first movie star crushes. If I was 14, I would have loved it too.

I'm hanging out with my cats now, while the boyfriend goes on a bike ride.

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