02 June 2010

Hello From Philadelphia

Hello all! I just typed up a long post summarizing what I had done since graduation (mostly moving and a lot of eating at St. Louis places) but it was lost. ugh.

I'll recap it later with more pictures! But, I'm back to a more regular blogging schedule. Roughly once a day! I'm also playing around with the title of my blog. Not the address, but I don't think Less of Me fits anymore!

I'm in Philadelphia with my mom for a convention.

Today started off with an unpictured egg and cheese biscuit.

Before we got on the plane, I grabbed this fairly tasty thing from the greek restaurant in the airport!

Inside was spinach and feta!

I also had an unpictured greek salad on the flight.

When we landed, I saw somewhere that had guava juice!! I love guava juice, so I had to get it!

The convention had a cocktail hour, but the food wasn't that exciting.

A group of people went to Hard Rock Cafe afterwards. They had the calorie postings right next to the entrees!! It was kind of scary.

I ended up getting the salmon.

It was actually pretty tasty! I was sort of surprised.

Tomorrow we are going on a movie tour of Philadelphia. I also think we are going to check out the Reading Terminal Market before the tour! It sounds amazing.

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