05 April 2010

Easter weekend take 2

So I went home for the weekend!

On Saturday we went into the city to see a couple of plays. It was a lot of fun.

My parent's house wasn't that greatly stocked with food, so I had to make do.

Toast with smart balance peanut butter.

Once we got into the city we ate at the food court in the basement of Marshall Fields. I refuse to call it Macys.

Spinach and cheese lasagna with broccoli and carrots. They gave me SO MUCH lasagna. i only ate like 1/3 of what they gave me.

Next it was onto the play!

Billy Elliot was fabulous. It was so so so good. If you get a chance, see it!!

My grandpa had paid for the suite service before hand.

I had a class of sparkling rose wine.

It was so pretty and delicious.

I had some dessert in intermission.

Blueberry dessert.

For dinner we went to Weber Grill.

Grilled caribbean tilapia with a salad and a side of asparagus.

So delicious.

I also indulged in dessert.

Apple pie and cinnamon ice cream.

Finally we saw beauty and the beast. Also excellent.

I hope you had an excellent weekend.

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