17 April 2010


Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!

Yesterday I stayed on campus and did homework until about 7. I went home and changed for a date with the boyfriend.

During the day I had an egg sandwich and a salad. Kind of boring so I'm not going to post the pictures.

We were going to go to a sushi place that I had a groupon for, but we were running late. We went to Stir Crazy instead.

Stir Crazy is probably my favorite chain restaurant. I love the market bar and making my own stir fry.

We started out with a side of edamame.

Yum. Love edamame.

I also had a mojito.

Also delicious.

For my main course I had the market bar create your own stir fry with tofu and flat rice noodles.

I get the classic chinese sauce.

For dessert the boyfriend and I shared the banana wontons.

Delicious. It was awesome.

We went to see Kick Ass afterwards. It was excellent. Really really good.

We snuck in some candy to the movie.

We also had some sour candy that I didn't snap a picture of. We didn't eat all of it because we were still pretty full.

This morning we headed to St. Louis Bread Co for breakfast (panera for all you non-St. Louis readers).

I had an egg and cheese sandwich. It was so good.

The boyfriend ate this.

He is 6' and weighs 140 pounds. He can eat anything.

I think we might go on a bike ride thsi afternoon. He is at work now, but when he is done.

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