07 April 2010


First off hi new followers!!

I'm at a film screening right now. We co-sponsored an event with another group AND we have an event tomorrow. We have a lot of money to spend.

I started out my day with the overnight oats I made last night.

This time I had added frozen cherries to it. It was awesome. I added a little agave nectar.

Before class I had a green smoothie.

This was a chocolate WW smoothie mix with frozen cherries, half a banana, almond breeze, and spinach. I think the chocolate smoothie mix might be too overpowering for other fruit flavors. I'll have to try the vanilla flavor of random protein mixes I bought from whole foods.

During my class break I had green beans at the place on campus.

They were pretty good. Kind of oily though.

I wasn't that hungry right when I was done with class but I knew I needed to eat.

I bought this at whole foods last night and decided to try it.

I love things I can make in the microwave.

I ate this on a bagel thin with kale! Yay I'm glad I have kale again.

I wanted some chocolate, so I had half of this. Also a whole foods purchase.

It was pretty good. Half of it was all I needed.

I forgot to take a picture of my dinner. I had a black bean burger with swiss! Also delicious.

Screening over! I can go home. Yay!

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