02 April 2010

Easter weekend

So, I have lots of food to update on. I have pictures of all of my meals, but I've been forgetting to update while at the computer.

I'm tired now, so I think I'll run through it without pictures for now. Add pictures later.

Wednesday night I had spent the day looking and beautiful food blogs, so I wanted something tasty and indulgent, but low points. I had whole wheat pasta with a wedge of laughing cow melted with evoo.

For dessert I had strawberries dipped in low fat dark chocolate pudding. New favorite dessert!!

On Thursday I ate a Greek yogurt for breakfast. I like greek yogurt because it has so much protein! It keeps me super full. I tried the honey vanilla flavor from yoplait. It was okay. I'll probably stick to plain vanilla though.

Lunch I had an awesome flatbread from the express place at work. It is fontina with truffle, mushrooms, and shallots. So tasty. And fairly cheap.

Dinner I had a last minute invite to go out to dinner with a friend to the sit down place on campus. The proceeds were going to charity, and I could use my meal points! Win, win.

I had rainbow trout with butternut squash risotto and broccoli. I shared with my friend so I tried her polenta. Yum.

I also shared dessert. Bananas fosters brownie. Also awesome.

I went home for easter today. I had my usual breakfast sandwich before class. Chipotle for lunch (I wanted mexican). The burritto bowl vegetarian is not bad points wise. FInally, subway on the road.

Going into the city tomorrow!


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