05 April 2010


Hi All!!

I'll blog about the weekend in a minute. I had some good food. I wanted to go ahead and blog about today though.

I started out my day with a breakfast sandwich.

I'm going to try overnight oats tomorrow morning. I'll assemble them tonight.

I had a crappy meeting with my advisor today, so I was upset. I went to whole foods and got the hot bar.

I did okay. I started with a salad.

Mixed greens with cauliflower, quinoa, cranberries, and tofu.

I alo had the hot bar food.

Didn't do too hot here. Ziti with potatoes and rice. I didn't eat the rice. I ate the ziti and potatoes though.

I should get my emotional eating under control. I feel like I wasn't this bad before WW. A friend was talking about how she felt the need to indulge now, and I agree totally.

I'm running low on groceries, and I didn't want to go out.

So I used what I had.

Sweet potato with some butter sub and cinnamon. Bagel thin with laughing cow.

I'm going to blog some of my food from this weekend!

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