23 April 2010


Hi all! I'm blogging a little earlier than usual. I had a doctor's appointment, and now I have about 20 minutes until class starts.

My breakfast looks pretty similar to my dinner last night.

No spinach on the sandwich though.

I feel a lot better eating fresh fruit in the morning. I need to remember that.

I packed a few snacks since I'm going to be working on campus and eating a latish dinner with the boyfriend. Today is our "date night." We haven't decided what to do yet.

I'm excited about lunch/my snack though.

I'll see you after class!


  1. I've been noticing that I feel better throughout the day when I have fruit in the morning too. I've started putting bananas into my oatmeal or breakfast cookie and I can definitely tell a difference when I leave it out.

  2. That sandwich looks yummy! I love making sandwiches on bagels!